Resource Consents

Resource Consent Applications and Processing

Enviro Research can complete your Resource Consent applications saving you valuable time and money. We provide a comprehensive consultation process with All major stakeholders associated with your particular activity and can complete the ‘Assessment of Environmental Effects’ (AEE) required for your application and project.

Why use an Environmental Consultant to apply for a Resource Consent?

Enviro Research has a proven history with Regional Councils around the Central Plateau, as a sound professional ecological entity, with considerable experience in resource management and impact assessment. This makes for smooth and efficient application processing, often speeding up the process for you
We contact, consult, and negotiate with all stakeholders on your behalf. This can save you valuable time, and removes you from the hassle of dealing with any objections.
Many applications require an AEE. This is our specialist field with highly trained and qualified ecologists that can conduct scientific assessments of habitats and species present within the realms of your particular activity or project.
An application, accompanied by an AEE, furnished by a professional scientific research company is a distinct advantage that is recognised by Regional Councils when processing applications.

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