Monitoring Design and Implementation

Enviro Research Ltd has designed monitoring methods and systems for a wide range of clients and species work. This includes specific species monitoring, environmental status monitoring, water quality monitoring, and impact monitoring from particular land use practices.

Many methods are available, from simple counts of species present, distribution mapping analysis, transects, pest trapping, plant health and recovery monitoring, and general field observations.

We design monitoring methods to best suit your needs, with emphasis on replicable systems for future use, recognisable standard methodologies, and accuracy of collected data.

Recent projects include bird counts monitoring poison control operations, or land use practices, such as harvest of exotic forests, military training practices, and aerial poison applications.

Enviro Research has also been involved in trials to test the efficiency of bird repellent in 1080 to reduce bird mortality.

In addition to this we recently designed and installed pest control systems to protect endangered plant species in Ecological Reserves administered by the Department of Conservation.

We have monitored species over considerable time periods on set transects.
We have established photo points to record changes in habitats, and habitat quality.
We have monitored endangered species abundance and distribution through survey and mapping from specific monitoring stations, or defined study areas.

Top Image: Vegetation recovery photo monitoring point, Waiouru Military Training Area.