Pest Animal Impacts/Controls

Pest Animal - Impacts and Controls

Enviro Research has had long term experience in pest mammal control and eradication processes, both nationally and overseas.

Our experience includes designing pest control regimes, implementing control or eradication measures, and monitoring outcomes.

Recent projects include designing a bait station network to control possums and other pest fauna species, to protect endangered plants such as Pittosporum turnerii and Dactylanthus taylorii.

We have also been involved in fauna species protection through trapping of mustelids, possums, and feral cats.

We have the expertise to design methods and systems, evaluate pest species abundance and impact, and to conduct on-going monitoring and habitat recovery rates.

We have also monitored deer abundance through pellet transect counts to determine whether recreational hunting is sufficiently controlling herd sizes. This has been important for land managers to determine the need for greater deer control measures, and the assessment of associated impacts.