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About Enviro Research Limited

Enviro Research Ltd is an innovative environmental consultancy, dedicated to providing a high standard of ecological reporting, advice and research.

Company staff are based in Rotorua, Central North Island, operating throughout New Zealand and overseas.

The staff at Enviro Research Ltd have a wide range of experience, skills and resources that can be applied to all aspects of environmental research, from endangered species protection and monitoring to environmental impact assessments.

Enviro Research’s client base is broad and varied, including government agencies, district and regional councils, businesses, large corporations, educational institutions and private landowners.

We provide a diverse range of services associated with the natural environment, including:

Resource Consent Applications and processing.
Environmental impact assessments
Company environmental certification processes
Fauna/flora surveys and inventories
Habitat surveys, evaluations and assessments (e.g. wetlands/forests)
Endangered species monitoring and management
Pest mammal control, and related planning (including eradication planning)
Environmental health monitoring
Eco-tourism, tour guiding
Environmental advocacy, education and training
Data collection and analysis for Resource Consent applications
Management of natural resources, including project management

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Kerry Oates