Work History


Enviro Research Ltd has an extensive and varied work history, having conducted ecological research throughout New Zealand and overseas. Projects have included:

Impact assessment of Viaduct re-piling on blue ducks, Makatote River.
Monitoring deer herd sizes and recreational hunting controls.
Resource consent processing of water takes for vegetable washing in Market Gardens.
Native land snail protection and management.
Assessing potential differences in tomtit survival during 1080 poison applications using deer repellent and non-deer repellent coated baits.
Research for Island transfers of kakapo using vegetation mapping methods.
Productivity monitoring of ‘Parea’ (Chatham Island pigeon), ‘Taiko’ (Magenta petrel) and black robin, Chatham Islands.
Student training courses in conservation management methodologies.
Blue duck population census, colour banding and monitoring on rivers of the Central North Island.
Assessment of Environmental Effects on road re-alignments and bridge replacements.
Natural areas surveys associated with environmental certification processes.
Nation wide ornithological tour guiding.
Eco-tourism, viewing of kiwi in their natural habitat.
Native lizard surveys & monitoring, artificial den use by skinks and geckos.
Impacts of pine harvest on native fish and frog populations.
Bat distribution surveys, monitoring changes associated with pine harvest.
Water quality testing, impacts of forest management on waterways.
Brown kiwi management plan for exotic forest managers, impacts and mitigations
North island brown kiwi population monitoring and Operation Nest Egg.
Assessing the effectiveness of bird repellent coated 1080 baits on reducing tomtit mortality
Design and implementation of pest control methods for threatened plant and animal protection.
Bird population monitoring using acoustic recorders and “double blind” statistical analysis.
Wetland habitat evaluations for proposed drainage and forest conversion.