Education Programmes

Education Training Programmes

Enviro Research has a long association with international, national, and regional education organizations. We offer a variety of field based and classroom based training activities which focus upon providing “hands on” experience in conservation management methods and techniques.

Field courses are tailored to suit your needs, and can include such activities as;

Radio Telemetry tracking of N.I. brown kiwis
Predator trapping, bait station design, use and maintenance.
Blue duck riverine surveys
Bird identification and counting methodologies, including call count surveys of kiwis at night.
Flora health monitoring, particularly the use of the Foliar Browse Index method.
Bat presence and distribution surveys using Automatic Bat Monitoring devices (ABMs).

Classroom based activities include;

Power Point presentations and narratives with high quality photographs, video and visual presentations on all aspects of conservation management, pitched at the level you require for your particular school or tertiary education group.

Recent programmes undertaken by Enviro Research include:

Ruapehu College “Forestry Academy”
Tutoring secondary school students at Ruapehu College in Ecological Restoration principles, methods, and techniques, associated with the restoration of Karioi Rahui ecological reserve. This course is very much a practical “hands on” approach to restoration techniques, and gives students field work experience in predator and pest control, flora health monitoring, endangered species management and protection, species identification and monitoring methods, and habitat evaluations.

A highly successful course, initiated by local Iwi, in conjunction with the Department of Conservation, it has been a true joint community venture which has led to field employment placements for some student graduates.

School for International Training (SIT)
SIT is part of an international study abroad initiative. We have hosted students from the United States, for courses in wildlife management methods, with a focus on threatened species management. Students actively participate in field activities including radio telemetry tracking of kiwi, blue duck riverine surveys, bat detection, flora health monitoring, and forest habitat composition analysis.

In association with this, staff have designed and advised on independent research projects undertaken by students as part of their study abroad programme.

Kiwi Forever
‘Kiwi Forever’ is a relatively new educational programme, run by the Untouched World Foundation Trust of Christchurch, for senior college students who have excelled academically and shown interest in Environmental Management.

Enviro Research has conducted field training days in radio telemetry tracking of kiwis, and given power-point presentation lectures associated with kiwi management in exotic forestry operations.

New Zealand Odysseys
New Zealand Odysseys based in Tauranga are also involved in similar field-based programmes where students from New Zealand and around the world are invited to take part in a Curriculum-linked educational programme that involves them experiencing New Zealand’s Natural Heritage as it is.

Enviro Research is involved in running some of the ecological field training courses that are involved in their specific programmes. For more information on NZ Odysseys please visit