Enviro Research Ltd

An innovative environmental consultancy

The Enviro Research team are dedicated to providing a high standard of ecological reporting, advice and research. With a broad range of experience, skills and resources, the Enviro Research team can apply these to all aspects of environmental research, from endangered species protection and monitoring to environmental impact assessments.

Enviro Research works Throughout New Zealand and around the world providing its services.

Enviro Research’s client base is broad and varied, including government agencies, district and regional councils, businesses, large corporations, educational institutions and private landowners.

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Examples of our Services


Enviro Research Ltd has conducted ecological assessments for AEE’s, for a wide range of clients and proposed developments.

Fauna Surveys

Fauna survey, inventory and distribution mapping is another of our services which we have provided in a wide range of habitats.


Enviro Research has considerable experience in nation wide ornithological tour guiding.

Recent Projects

Project One

Banded dotterel productivity monitoring, Waiouru Military Training Area, Rangipo.

Project Two

Kiwi breeding and population management within exotic forestry management.

Project Three

Digital bird counts for large scale population trend monitoring.

Project Four

Blue duck population monitoring associated with hydro-generation water abstraction effects.

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