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Profile - Kelly Smith
Principal Field Works Contractor

Kelly is our principal field works contractor, having a strong back ground in ecological monitoring, pest control projects and outdoor pursuits instruction.

Kelly spent 12 months on Macquarie Island in the Sub-Antarctic region as part of a team eradicating rabbits and rodents from this World Heritage island reserve, and has more recently completed an eradication project on Great Mercury Island, eastern Coromandel Peninsula.

Kelly began assisting Enviro Research projects in 2013 and has quickly become an integral part of the team, with a varied skill base in most ecological monitoring tasks.

Based at the Tihoi Venture School, Pureora Forest Park, Kelly (along with husband Cam), undertakes tutoring of outdoor education programmes from time to time, specialising in canoe/kayak instruction. Her central location base is well suited to the company’s day to day field operations.

kelly smith Macquarie Island - 2012